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Is SwapnFly only for students

SwapnFly has been originally created in order to allow students to swap their accommodation.
Non students are however welcome to join us and exchange their house. This site is not exclusively dedicated to students.

I am a tenant of my apartment, can I still exchange it on SwapnFly?

Yes, you can register and swap your accommodation. Exchanging your accommodation is not a subleasing and you are hence allowed to exchange or lend your accommodation for a short period of time.

I would like to exchange my apartment. Am I still covered by my insurance?

Yes, if you have a house insurance and a liability insurance, you can safely exchange your accommodation. You can also exchange your means of transportation (car, bicycle…), in this case, we advise you to liaise with your insurance company, in order to be advised of the specificities of your insurance contract, and with your swap partner, the conditions of payment in case of accident.

Is it safe to swap my house?

All exchanges are based on trust. Your fellow exchangers will share the same concerns as yours. This is why we encourage you to establish a good relationship with your future fellow exchangers, using our mail system. Keep in mind that as locals, they are the best advisers on how to organize your holidays in their country. SwapnFly is not a simple tool for goods exchanges, but an opportunity to make friends from new horizons, and share your interests in travel and adventure.
If you still have concerns, make sure with your insurance that any possible damages from your guests, will be covered and the ones you could make at their place as well. Remember also that all insurance companies consider that your house is more protected if it is occupied during your holidays. But above all, keep in mind that both parties have the same objective: Make that exchange a complete success.

Who will be in charge of setting the condition of the exchange?

SwapnFly is a platform of networking and developing a community of people wishing to exchange their accommodation. All exchange conditions have to be settled by the parties engaged in the exchange (dates, number of people, period of exchange…)

Can I swap or lend my car?

Yes, some members exchange or lend their cars as well. This avoids to spend extra money on a car rental. Moreover some members have an insurance allows them to lend their car to any third party. If you do wish to borrow, or lend a car, do not forget to contact your insurance company for information about any car exchange situation.

How much costs the subscription to SwapnFly?

Subscription is completely FREE !

Tenant or owner?

The exchange can be realized between 2 tenants, 2 owners or an owner and a tenant.

Can I proceed to several swaps?

You are free to operate as many exchanges as you wish.

Do swapped accommodations need to be comparable?

Not necessarily. The most important is to obtain a place to stay in the country, region you wish to visit.

May I swap in my own country?

Yes, SwapnFly is a network for exchangers from all around the world. You can contact members from your own country.

What are the confidentiality rules?

SwapnFly makes sure that your personal information will stay completely confidential and will not be transmitted to any third party, in any case. Thanks to our private internal mail system, all members’ identity stays strictly confidential. Each member can communicate without revealing his personal e-mail address.

How do I obtain the keys of the swapped House?

One of your family member, a friend or a neighbour, can welcome your guests. If it is not the case, you can send them by mail. You can also welcome your guests yourself before leaving for their place. This will allow you to meet them, exchange your keys.

How to upload my pictures?

Your membership allows you to upload up to 10 pictures of your accommodation. You can upload them either during your registration (step 3 of the registration) or afterwards in your personal pages (under Menu “My profile”).

Does any type of contract exist between the exchanging parties?

A written exchange agreement, or contract is not compulsory..
Each apartment exchange is based on trust.
However, if you still wish to establish a written agreement, you can download the SwapnFly agreement template by clicking on the following link::
Exchange contract